Test Cases and Test scenarios: Definition, Examples, Template

What is Test case? Test case consist of detailed step's what needs to be followed in order to perform testing. Test case is a set of conditions using which tester identifies whether the software/application under test meet the requirement or works correctly. Whenever a test case is developed with valid set of data then its is called as positive test case. If the test case consist of invalid set of data then it is called as negative test case. Test Case Parameters: Test case Id: Here each and every test case is given a id. Test Case Description: It consist of details about what needs to be tested. Precondition: Precondition is a condition which needs to be satisfied before entering test cases.                Example: To forward an email from inbox the precondition is atleast one email should be present in inbox. To book a flight ticket the precondition is atleast one ticket should be available. Steps: It consist of steps to follow to perform testing. Data: It consist of data to be p

Regression Testing : Definition, Types of Regression Testing, Examples, Regression Testing Tools, Re-testing vs Regression Testing

What is Regression Testing? Re-execution of same test cases on different build or releases to ensure changes made has not introduced defect in unchanged features of application. How do you identify test case is regression test case When any test case is executed more than once then it is called regression test case. Types of Regression testing : Unit Regression Testing. Regional Regression Testing. Full Regression Testing. What is Unit Regression Testing? After we found the defect, we communicate that to the developers, once the developer has fixed that defect we will test only that defect and nothing else because the defect which is found and fixed is in independent area of the application. Examples of Unit Regression Testing : Spelling mistake in the help document of the application Spelling mistake in the label name. What is Regional Regression Testing? In Regression Testing we test only the impacted region. Whenever the modification's are done we identify the impacted region

What is Performance Testing? Types of Performance Testing, Tools for Performance Testing, Test Cases

What is Performance Testing? Verifying the stability and response time of an application by applying load on it(Number of user) is called as performance testing. Response time = Time is taken to send the request + time taken to do the processing + time taken to get the response back. Load : Total number of users accessing the application at a given point of time is called a load. There are two types of requirement : Non-Functional requirement.  Functional requirement. Performance Testing is a kind of non-functional testing type. Why performance testing? Feature in the software or application is not only important. An application performance like stability, response time, speed also plays an important role. Performance testing is done to make sure software application is working properly in terms of speed, stability, and scalability. With the help of performance testing, we come to know things to improve before the application goes live in the market. Without performance testing, our a