Test Case Design Technique in Software Testing With Examples

What is Test Case Design Technique?? Test Case Design techniques help us to identify whether the right input is selected or not. In this tutorial, we will   learn three important test case design techniques: Error Guessing Equivalence Partitioning Boundary Value Analysis Error Guessing : In Error Guessing, we design the test cases by selecting inputs such that when these inputs are given to the application, the application should through error. Example of Error Guessing  : Let us Assume there this an amount field in an application and the amount field should accept minimum value as 200 and the maximum value as 50,000. So Usi

Monkey Testing & Usability Testing? Examples, Advantages

What is Monkey Testing? Here we randomly pick anyone feature and we somehow try to break it. In Monkey testing we verify application or system is not getting crashed when invalid data is provided to application. In monkey testing, we do not write test cases and it is not mandatory for the tester's to be aware of the full functionality of the application/system. Examples of Monkey Testing : Clicking on the same button several times. Providing negative values in order to verify validation message Monkey Testing Characteristics: Whenever there is no time to write or execute test case, In that case monkey testing is done. It is random testing so the tester should not be able to reproduce bugs. In order to perform monkey testing, testers should good technical knowledge. Advantages of Monkey Testing: Using monkey testing we can find unique bugs. When all the test execution is done testers can switch to monkey testing. Also Read: Performance Testing? Performance testing types . What is Us

Positive Testing & Negative Testing with Examples

Software Testing is basically a process of testing the functionality of software to find defect as well as testing the software to verify whether the application developed does not deviates from the requirement  What is positive testing? 1)In positive testing, we provide valid values as inputs and test the application. 2)Positive testing is used to check whether an application is behaving properly when positive data is entered in the application. Positive test cases for amount field which should accept only numeric value: Test by entering the amount less than 1000. Test by entering the amount equal to 1000. Test by giving inputs as a numeric value in the amount field. In the above-mentioned cases system should not show any error and the system should accept this value. What is negative testing? 1)In negative testing, we give invalid values as inputs and test the application. 2)Negative testing is used to verify whether an application is behaving properly when negative data is entered