Over Testing,Under Testing & Optimized Testing With Examples

What is Over Testing??              Here we give repetitive inputs and then perform the testing. By doing this project time and the project cost will increase and hence we never perform this. Example:  Suppose you have to test a Login page of the application so if you give repetitive inputs like testing the user name field by entering the same data many times without trying any other scenarios so by doing this project time increase, as well as new bugs will not be traceable. What is Under Testing??              Here we give very few inputs to the application and perform testing by doing this we might miss some critical defects and hence we should avoid this. Example:  Suppose there's a profile section of the user in an application and you have to test that profile section. During testing of the user name field in profile section you entered your name and proceed further you didn't try other inputs like entering numeric value /special character in username field in that case if

What is Compatibility Testing?Forward and Backward Compatibility Testing with Examples

What is Compatibility Testing?                                   In  compatibility we test the application to check whether the application is capable enough to run on different hardware, operating system, or mobile devices. Application  Type 1(Web Application) : In Web Application,we test the functionality of web application on the different browsers this is also called cross-browser testing. This helps us to install the same browser with multiple versions at once, we use cross-browser testing tools like: Utilu IE collection. Utilu Firefox. IE Tester. Browser Stack. Compatibility testing related defects: Images are not loaded properly. Overlapping of text. Changes in color and font size of the text. Certain links and buttons are not working. Application Type 2(Client-Server application) : In client-server application we test the compatibility of client software on different operating systems. To install multiple operating systems we use VM ware because it helps us to change to the OS

What is Adhoc testing?Examples of Adhoc Testing?Difference between Adhoc testing and exploratory Testing?

Adhoc Testing : Here We come up with creative scenarios and then we test the application based on creative scenarios. We perform Adhoc testing when regular types of testing is not fetching you any defect. In Adhoc testing, we never follow the requirement but then we should have better understanding of the application to come up with creative scenarios. Also Read   : Acceptance Testing,Alpha and Beta Testing. Examples of Adhoc testing : Example 1: Log in to the application and and do not interact with the application for a particular period of time. After sometime when you interact with the application it should take you back to the login page if this doesn't happen then this means the developer has not set the session timeout. Example 2:Login to the application click on logout and then click on the back button application should not go back to the previous page if this happens then ideally it is a defect. Example 3:Login to application and shut down the computer, once again restar