Online Ticket Booking System Test Case

What is Test Case??
  • Test case consist of detailed step's what needs to be followed in order to perform testing.
  • Test case is a set of conditions using which tester identifies whether the software/application under test meet the requirement or works correctly.
  • Whenever a test case is developed with valid set of data then its is called as positive test case.
  • If the test case consist of invalid set of data then it is called as negative test case.
Test Case For IRCTC Online Ticket Booking System :

  • Verify ticket booking website is loading properly or not.
  • Verify on filling train details like From station, To station, Departure date, list of available trains are displayed.
  • Verify that users can search for trains by name, from-to station for checking their status and timings.
  • Verify that search results have train details, timings and availability.
  • Verify that clicking the search results open complete details for train.
  • Verify that the user should see realtime train status of availability of seats.
  • Verify user is able to see available seats in a train.
  • Verify that the pricing of different types of seats in a train is displayed to the users.
  • Verify User is able to select single or more than one seat.
  • Verify if the seat is booked then user should not be able to purchase the ticket for that seat.
  • Verify when user select seat, enters passenger details and then does the payment then the selected seat should get booked.
  • Verify once the user has booked the ticket then he can download the ticket.
  • Verify status of the seat gets change to booked after the user has booked the ticket.
  • Verify user should receive SMS or mail after successfully booking of ticket.
  • Verify user is able to book one ticket per document.
  • Verify when user cancels the ticket then his amount should get refunded.
  • Verify when user should not be able to cancel the ticket after the train has left the station.
  • Verify when user tries to cancel the ticket on the day of travelling then he should not get full amount as refund.
  • Verify by trying payment from different types of payment mode.
  • Verify once the user has cancelled the ticket then ticket status should get change to available.
  • Verify error message is displayed when user enters special character in from and to field.
  • Verify error message is displayed when user leaves all the field blank and click on search train.
  • Verify error message should be displayed when user leaves passenger details form blank and click on submit.
  • Verify payment should get rejected when user enter wrong credentials during payment process.
  • Verify user is getting extra benefit if he has purchased a ticket of AC compartment.
  • Verify user should not be able to purchase ticket if he is not login to application.
  • Verify if user tries to book a ticket without login to app then he should be redirected to login page.
  • Verify ticket price mentioned on the user ticket , that amount is only debited from customer account.
  • Verify user details are mentioned properly on the ticket which user has downloaded.
  • Verify user is able to search the train status using PNR number.
  • Verify user amount is refunded if his account is debited but ticket is not booked due to network issue.
  • Verify user is not able to purchase ticket for past date.
  • Verify user is getting ticket on his what's app if he has selected the option of share ticket on what's app.
  • Verify after successfull booking of ticket user should be able to see his ticket booking history.
  • Verify when user enters wrong id proof number then error message should be displayed.
  • Verify if user has not entered the IRCTC id and he tries to book ticket then error message should be displayed.
  • Verify if user has not entered the email id during ticket booking process then error message should be displayed.
  • Verify if user has entered special character in name field during ticket booking process then error message should be displayed.
  • Verify when user clicks on edit passenger details button then Edit Traveller section should get open.
  • Verify user is able to delete the passenger detail by clicking on delete button.
  • Verify when user has edited his details then it should get updated, old data should not be reflected in passenger detail section.
  • Verify when user select some other nationality then passport number field should be visible to user.
  • Verify user is able to change his boarding point during ticket booking process.


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