Monkey Testing & Usability Testing? Examples, Advantages

What is Monkey Testing?

  1. Here we randomly pick anyone feature and we somehow try to break it.
  2. In Monkey testing we verify application or system is not getting crashed when invalid data is provided to application.
  3. In monkey testing, we do not write test cases and it is not mandatory for the tester's to be aware of the full functionality of the application/system.

Examples of Monkey Testing :

  • Clicking on the same button several times.

  • Providing negative values in order to verify validation message

Monkey Testing Characteristics:

  • Whenever there is no time to write or execute test case, In that case monkey testing is done.

  • It is random testing so the tester should not be able to reproduce bugs.

  • In order to perform monkey testing, testers should good technical knowledge.

Advantages of Monkey Testing:

  • Using monkey testing we can find unique bugs.

  • When all the test execution is done testers can switch to monkey testing.

What is Usability Testing?

  • Here we verify how user-friendly the application is or how easily all the features are accessible to the user's.

  • The main purpose of usability testing is to make sure that users find it easy to learn the application without facing any difficulty.

  • Usability testing is a type of non-functional testing type

Usability Testing Example: Getting transportation using OLA cabs.

Example Scenarios:

  • Getting a ride to somewhere

You have to attend a meeting in Mumbai that starts in 2 hours. Open your OLA app and get the cheapest ride for you.

  • Rating the OLA driver: 

Suppose Your OLA driver refuses to drop you off at your requested location. Launch the OLA app on your phone and review that ride.

  • Adding a payment method

Suppose you are cashless and now you have to pay to the OLA driver so simply open the OLA app and add your debit card or credit card.

 Advantages of Usability Testing:

  • Improves End-user satisfaction.

  • Using usability testing we can get true feedback from the end user.


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