What is system testing?How to perform system testing?

System Testing :

  • End to End testing where a testing environment is similar to a production environment.

  • Testing environments are used by the tester where dummy transactions are carried out to check the quality of software.

  • The production environment is used by the customer to carry out a real business transaction

  • In system testing, we test complete and fully integrated systems.

How to perform System Testing?

  • Let us understand how to perform system testing with the example of an online transaction :


So as a tester following things will be tested in system testing :

  • When User A Transfer balance to User B then after transferring the balance User A balance should be deducted from his Account and when user A checks his balance then available balance =Before transaction balance - transfer balance

  • When User A transfers the balance to user B then we should check whether transfer entry is getting displayed in User A statement section.

  • When User A transfers Balance to user B then we need to check whether the transferred balance is getting displayed in the user B balance section.

  • When user A transfers Balance to User B then we need to check whether entry of the amount received is getting displayed in the statement of User B account.

  • Suppose User B does Bill payment then User B balance should be = Before transaction balance - Bill Payment.

  • When User B does A bill Payment then in his statement section bill payment entry should be displayed.


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