What is smoke testing?How to perform smoke testing?Difference between smoke and sanity?

What is smoke testing??
  • Verifying the basic feature or critical feature in an application before going in-depth testing in a high-level manner is called as smoke testing.
  • In smoke testing we provide only valid data and perform testing i.e we perform only positive testing.
  • Smoke testing helps us to find out is the application capable enough to handle in-depth testing.
  • It helps us to find out is the application testable.
  • There are different name given to smoke testing like Sanity, Dry run, Initial build verification, etc

  • When we perform smoke testing??
    • As soon as we get the build we will start with smoke testing. Refer to the image below.

  • As shown in the image above after white box testing is done smoke testing starts.
  • So smoke testing is done after white box testing and then in-depth testing is done like functional testing, integration testing, etc.

  • How to perform smoke testing??
                 Let us take an example of the login page of a website.

In the above login page we will enter a valid username and valid password if we are able to log in then it means the smoke test has passed or else failed.

  • Difference between smoke testing and sanity testing:

    Smoke Testing

          Sanity Testing

In smoke Testing Both old feature and new feature are tested in high level manner

In sanity testing only new feature is tested in high level manner

It is scripted i.e strictly follow the requirement and perform testing

It is not scripted i.e do not follow the requirement and perform testing

1)Both smoke and sanity are done as soon as we get the build.
2)The purpose of both is to perform a high-level check.


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