What is Hybrid Model?

Hybrid Model :

  • The hybrid model is a combination of two models.

  • If the requirement is not clear and the requirement is given part by part manner then in that case we combine the prototype model with a spiral model.

  • Let us take an example:

                A customer has given a requirement of developing compose Module/Feature and the requirement given by the customer is not clear and the customer is giving the requirement in an iterative manner so in that case we already know that if the requirement is not clear then prototype model comes into play and when the requirement is given in iterative manner spiral model comes in to play.

  • So we will combine both the model into one model which is called a hybrid model.

  • When the requirement is not clear and it's a long term project then we combine prototype model with V-Model.

  • The figure below illustrates the hybrid model which is nothing but a combination of V-Model and Prototype Model 


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