What is Water Fall Model in SDLC? Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Water Fall Model?

Software Development is Carried out Sequentially in waterfall model. Let us understand the Water Fall Model with the help of diagram illustrated in fig 1.0

  • Requirement Gathering: Business Analyst is the domain expert who gathers the requirement from the customer in business language and then translates that into a language that developers can understand

Basically, there are two types of companies: 

  1. Service-Based Companies: Develop the software for someone else. A person who gathers requirements in service-based companies is called a Business Analyst.

  2. Product Based Companies: Develop the software for themselves. A person who gathers the requirement in product-based companies is called a product analyst. Product Analyst does market research activities to gather the requirement.

  • Feasibility study: In this phase discussion is done whether it is possible to develop the application in real life. A number of resources required. Overall Cost of the project. People Involved in this phase are Technical Architect, Hr manager, Finance manager, Project manager, Business analyst.

  • Design: The main purpose of design is to make developers understand what kind of software need to be developed. Design are of two types : 

  1. High-Level Design: High-Level design is a block diagram representation of project flow.

  2. Low-Level Design: Low level design is an Algorithm or pseudo code.People Involved in this phase are technical architect and SR.Developer.

  • Coding: In Coding phase, the actual development of the project is done. In coding phase involvement of developers and Sr.Developers is there.

  • Testing: In this phase testing of the application is done if bugs or defects are found in the application it is reported to developers so that they fix it.

  • Installation: In this phase installation of the application is done. People Involved in this phase are Sr developer or Integration Engineers.

  • Maintenance: In the Maintenance phase, we do the following thing.

  1. Resolve the issue encountered by the customers.

  2. Enhancement: Here old feature will be removed and new feature will be added to be competitive in market

  3. People involved in this phase are Developers and Testers. 

Advantages of Water Fall Model :
  • It is very easy to implement.
  • Projects in which requirement changes are negotiable in that type of projects waterfall model is best suitable.
Disadvantages of Water Fall Model :
  • Testing does not start at the early stage and hence there is an easy downward flow of defects.
  • Requirement changes cannot be handled easily.


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