What is SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)? Different types of software development models.

What is SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)?

The software development life cycle is a step by step process for development of Software.

SDLC Consist of Different Model Which Are listed below:

Water Fall Model:

  • Development of software or application is carried out sequentially in waterfall model.
Spiral Model :
  • In the Spiral Model development of software is carried out in part wise manner or iterative manner.
Prototype Model :
  • A prototype is not real, the prototype is a dummy. It is a dummy application that is functionally not stable.
V- Model :
  • Software development is carried out parallelly in V-model .
     Hybrid Model :
    • Combination of two models is called as hybrid model.

    • In Derived Model, We derived the feature from one model to another and other features are added of our own.

    Note: For a detailed explanation of each and every model click on the model name.



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