Ten Small But Important Things To Observe In Test Plan Document: Definition, Components, Template

Test Plan : Test plan consists of future testing activities to be done like the number of resources required in a project, Types of testing to be done, Test estimation, etc. With the help of a test plan, we can determine the efforts needed to verify and validate the quality of the application under test. A Test plan is monitored and controlled by the test managers. Test Plan Components :     The Test plan consists of the following components:   Description: Here we describe the application in a few lines like what is the application all about. Objective:  Here we specify the aim of the project. Test Scope: Here we list out, the feature to be tested and the feature not to be tested. Example: In the Gmail application, I will test the following pages. Compose. Inbox. Sent Items. Drafts. Spam etc. List of items which, I will not test. Youtube. google docs. google maps. google-plus etc. Approach: Here we specify what will be the approach as a team while we are working on the project. Ensure

Online Ticket Booking System Test Case

What is Test Case?? Test case consist of detailed step's what needs to be followed in order to perform testing. Test case is a set of conditions using which tester identifies whether the software/application under test meet the requirement or works correctly. Whenever a test case is developed with valid set of data then its is called as positive test case. If the test case consist of invalid set of data then it is called as negative test case. Test Case For IRCTC Online Ticket Booking System : Verify ticket booking website is loading properly or not. Verify on filling train details like From station, To station, Departure date, list of available trains are displayed. Verify that users can search for trains by name, from-to station for checking their status and timings. Verify that search results have train details, timings and availability. Verify that clicking the search results open complete details for train. Verify that the user should see

Software Testing Life Cycle: Diagram, Definition, Template

  What   Is Software Test Life Cycle? Software Test Life Cycle consist of different activities performed by testing team to ensure quality of the software or the application. Software Test Life Cycle starts as soon as we get the Requirement Documents from the end user. When the development of the application is over , testers are ready with the test cases and start with test case execution. This helps us to find bugs in the starting phase. Let us understand Software Test life cycle with the help of diagram. System Study:  When requirement document is ready and shared by the end user then the testing team start high level study of the application under test. Write Test Plan:   It consist of future testing activities to be done like number of resources required , Types of testing to be done, Test estimation etc. Write Test Cases : In this phase all the end to end test cases of each and every module of the application is written. Prepare Traceability Matrix: After we write the test cases